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Carried Away

The memory of your first love never fades away. At least, that's what 28 year old Leila Thomas discovers as she's sitting in her driveway and hears a familiar song come on the radio, a song that triggers the most detailed memory of her last year of high school, the joy and the pain. The whole story playing out like a movie in her mind. First loves. Fractured friendships. The realization that it's okay to remember. 

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Finding Anna

Twenty-five year old Anna had it all….well almost.  Two years ago, she was dumped in a way she thought only existed in movies.   She picked up the pieces of herself and moved back to her hometown to open a coffee shop. She felt pretty good about what she was doing, until her ex-fiance walked into her shop with his new, pregnant wife, causing all the feelings of self-doubt she fought desperately to avoid to creep back in.  She needed to get away, alone.  She needed to prove to herself she was fine without him, or any man for that matter. And, lucky for her, her sister, Sarah, gifts her with a getaway trip to a cabin up north. 

Nearing thirty, Matt Briggs still isn’t really sure what to do with his life.  Thanks to a pretty hefty inheritance, he didn’t need to have it all figured out.  He split his time between work in the city and his beloved cabin on the Gunflint Trail.  He’d all but sworn off dating, thanks to a string of ridiculously bad Tinder dates, and one failed setup attempt by his best friend, Jake.  Everything changes when Jake and his wife, Sarah, enlist Briggs’ help in secret.  

The two of them are not supposed to meet. She’s there to prove she doesn’t need a man. He’s there to secretly keep an eye on her. So why do they keep bumping into each other?  Why can’t he stop thinking about running his fingers through her long auburn hair?  Why can’t she stop thinking about the way he raised a brow over his ocean blue eyes or the dimple on his chin? Maybe a little fling wouldn’t be so bad.  But when real feelings get involved, what will happen when she finds out who he really is?

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