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Writer's Block

I haven't written in a week. I reached my next goal of 30,000 words, and I haven't looked at it since. Writer's block is REAL and it is stressful! It's easy to write about the big events in a story, but writing all the in between moments that connect those events is so difficult. You don't want to be too detailed, but you can't be too vague. Determining how much time to skip as you're writing is also hard... do you write a little bit about each day? Do you skip days at a time? Do you skip weeks at a time? Aside from putting yourself out there and exposing your words to the world, trying to fill in the in-between details of a story is the hardest part of being a writer, in my opinion. I am determined to get back to work soon, but this week-long hiatus was completely necessary. Writer's block is REAL!

P.S. Carried Away has now sold 275 copies :-) I'm beyond thrilled!

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