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Early Life: Born and raised in Northwest Illinois, A.E. Brouhard grew up surrounded by the picturesque landscapes and small-town charm that would later inspire her writing. From a young age, she displayed a love for storytelling, often immersing herself in books and crafting her own tales.

Education: After completing her education, A.E. Brouhard pursued her passion for learning by attending college. There, she honed her writing skills and developed a deep appreciation for literature and language, which would later serve as the foundation for her career as an educator and author.

Career Beginnings: Upon graduating, A.E. Brouhard returned to her hometown with her husband, where they settled down and built a life together. While working as a dedicated fourth-grade teacher, she found solace and joy in the art of writing during her spare moments. These early experiences would eventually lead her to pursue her dream of becoming a published author.

Major Works: A.E. Brouhard's debut novel, "Carried Away," marked her entry into the literary world. Available on Amazon, the novel captivated readers with its engaging storytelling and heartfelt characters. Her second novel, "Finding Anna," will further showcase her talent for crafting compelling narratives that resonate with readers on a deep level.

Personal Life: Outside of her writing pursuits, A.E. Brouhard leads a fulfilling life alongside her husband and their two beloved goldendoodles, Lumi and Stevie. Together, they enjoy exploring the natural beauty of their surroundings and embarking on new adventures. A.E. Brouhard's experiences as a teacher, pet parent, adventurer, and avid reader, enrich her writing, infusing her stories with warmth, humor, and relatability.

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Carried Away


Finding Anna


My Books

I just finished Finding Anna!This book got me out of my reading slump! It was just what I needed. I have never fallen in love with a male role before, until now! I loved Matt as a main character.  He was so thoughtful and intentional. Annnd Oakley. The setting makes you want to take up all the things outdoorsy.  I also enjoyed how the sister and brother-in-law brought them together in the beginning and in the end perfectly!It lit my reading spark again.


Female, 20s

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