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Blown Away

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

It has been almost a month since Carried Away was released, and I've been completely blown away by the response I've gotten. The day I uploaded it to Amazon, my anxiety skyrocketed. I felt sick to my stomach for several days as people began ordering it. It was one thing to finish my book and have those words for myself, but to put them into the hands of others and then sit back and wait for their opinions was another thing altogether. Almost immediately, people began responding with things like "I couldn't put it down" and "I can't wait for the next one", which felt amazing, but pretty much everyone that was reading it was someone I knew, so I assumed they would tell me they loved it no matter what. Then I began seeing reviews on Amazon, and reading people's descriptions of my book, some describing it exactly the way I hoped readers would feel after reading it.... it just eased so much of that initial anxiety and fear. I'm still fearful of what a random reader will think of it, but for now, I am on cloud 9. I am so blessed to have the support system I have a Thank you to everyone who has supported me, who has purchased a copy of Carried Away or borrowed it from a friend to read, and to everyone who shared my posts, provided feedback, and reviewed the book on Amazon....... from the bottom of my heart, I am BLOWN AWAY. Thank you!

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